Sardinian Jewellery

Sardinian Filigree Jewellery

Sardinian’s territory is famous for a great use of jewellery, during its past and present. A big variety of jewellery has been used over the centuries, integrating and modifying itself with many external influence. Rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches and talismans have been an essential part of Sardinian clothing and have enhanced it with a lot of decorative elements.

Sardinian jewellery' s function

Sardinian filigree jewellery has been the icon of economic achievement from the ancient ages, acting as a safe-haven asset or as investment. The filigree jewellery has been viewed as a form of saving, a commodity, thanks to the metals' property, unbreakable, easy to preserve and really easy to hide because of the small proportions, We know that in the ancient society jewellery was used to make people stand out and mark social difference. The jewellery was not only a way of showing the marital status but based on the dimensions and above all the materials used, it reveals clearly the owner's social condition.


Sardinia was known for its huge quantity of silver from the remote past, used like galena, with plenty of veins in Iglesiente and Nurra. For this reason probably we have a majority of silver jewellery in detriment to gold-made jewellery. Another motivation can be found in the presence of numerous and powerful corporations, called “argenters”, and the fact they had created their production centre in a lot of strategic places in Sardinia. Also gold was used in Sardinian jewellery but in reduced quantity, first of all the high price of the metal and then due to the restricted resources. A great use of coral was made in the past, used to create beautiful jewellery with propitions purposes.