fede sarda filigrana oro foglia un filo lato

    Gold ring fede sarda 1 wire leaf


    Gold ring filigree "fede sarda" 1 wire leaf



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    Sardinian ring - model 1 wire leaf -  Sardinian gold Filigree

    Jewellery typical of Sardinian tradition. Sardinian wedding ring was used in the past to announce an engagement or a wedding crown. Played for centuries, the Sardinia ring has never changed his physiognomy continuing to adorn the fingers of thousands of women.

    Our Sardinian rings are made with the traditional technique of Sardinian filigree, also using the same passion and care of our ancient goldsmiths. All our jewels are produced entirely in Sardinia.

    All our jewelry come with warranty and quality certificate.

    Our jewelry is made in accordance with the laws so devoid of nickel and harmful substances or allergens.

    Product Details

    AN F1
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    Data sheet

    Yellow gold 750%
    Width midpoint
    1 cm.
    1 wires, leaf
    2,10 gr.
    Filigree honeycomb- handmade